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engage your leads faster
Engage More Leads
We’ll reach more of your leads, faster. Guaranteed.
In an ever-evolving market, more and more businesses are turning to digital marketing to generate leads. But too many of those leads fall through the cracks throughout the sales process.

Your marketing team drives great leads, and your sales teams close deals. We bridge the gap between the two and make sure no leads are lost. We combine the latest in marketing automation with human touchpoints that set you apart from the competition. We will reach out to your customers within 5 minutes of a form completion, using multiple touchpoints and a tailored combination of media to engage your leads and drive more sales through the funnel.

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Integrate Your Marketing and Sales Efforts
Your marketing team is already driving great leads. Help them track their success by increasing your conversion rates, and help your sales team with lead qualification and nurture campaigns. 

No lead gets left behind when you integrate and optimize your marketing and sales process.

Common Pain Points
If you are suffering from any of these pain points, you’re in the right place. Techtonic Sales has you covered!
Slow Follow-Ups
Bottleneck Sales Funnel
Unqualified Leads
Lead engagement = Your Solution
Lead Management
We utilize a multi-touch process that has been proven to raise clients’ conversion rates from 3% to 19% year over year.

Whether a customer is looking to buy immediately or a year from now, we will develop and execute on nurture campaigns to stay first in their mind until they are ready to purchase.

proven to raise conversion rates from 3% to 19% year over year.
Process Strategy
Our process is based on an MIT study that showed that customers contacted within 5 minutes of filling out a form were over 9000 times more likely to be contacted.

Because we live by that rule, we are able to reach more leads successfully.

9000 times more likely to be contacted.
Sales/Lead Qualification
We don’t have team members bounce from account to account. We hire staff to represent your company individually.

This means that our team learns your brand and product, and is able to better qualify your leads for your sales team.

Dedicated teams means we learn your brand, and you don’t worry about turnover.

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What do our clients have to say?
“We’ve enjoyed partnering with Techtonic Sales for over half a decade and have found them to be professional, organized and extremely easy to work with. Their staff is very well trained, competent, and reliable.  We would highly recommend their team and their services to other businesses that are looking to optimize their sales process.”

Director of E-Marketing, Compact Construction Equipment

I cannot believe the amount of information that your team is able to collect from the customers they are calling. You guys do a great job making the conversation sound fluid and natural, which was something my team lacked.

President, Compact Construction Equipment

The Multi-Touch Process
Techtonic Sales has developed and proven a process that utilizes multiple touchpoints to increase your contact rates, drive engagement with your brand, and stay “front of mind” with your customers throughout the sales cycle.
Our Advanced Staffing Structure
Team Members, not “Employees”
The staffing structure at Techtonic Sales is a fluid, dynamic organization. We train and develop skills with our team members to ensure the right person fits with their assigned campaigns or projects. We are an extension of your sales and marketing teams.

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2829 University Ave. SE, Suite #820, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Local: (612) 455-7100

Toll Free: (888) 326-6118

2829 University Ave. SE, Suite #820, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Local: (612) 455 - 7100
Toll Free: (888) 326 - 6118