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CSAT Surveys: The Importance of Human Connection & Communication

Written By:

Hunter Ellis;  Account Manager

Last week’s entry explained why phone surveys are still the most effective way to measure customer satisfaction. The aforementioned entry highlighted the importance of human communication when it comes to customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys. At Techtonic Sales, we do our best to emphasize the necessity and effectiveness of human communication. This is perhaps best exemplified through the work of the survey team.

Not a Pesky Automated Voice:

Living in the digital age, we’re constantly bombarded with messages. Emails, texts, tweets, and news headlines all seemingly pass by one after another. This can sometimes make it difficult to stand out among the crowd. So, rather than sending out an email survey that will likely be passed over with little to no thought, we use phone surveys to gather information. This data collection plays a large role in the success and long term sustainability of both Techtonic Sales and it’s vendors.

The Survey Process:

Effectively facilitating a survey over the phone is no easy task. It takes awareness, concentration, and diligence to make sure the correct information is being collected. These traits are part of the formula for a successful CSAT survey. The questions we ask are meant to give the customers a chance to voice their opinions. Specifically on how their experience with our vendor went.

These questions range from reviews of the product itself to the experiences customers have had with salespeople. While they’re intended to be answered on a scale system, our questions often lead to a more open-ended discussion. Helping us gain even more insights into the customer experience.

Knowledge Required:

Although our survey team members possess individual strengths that help them in their job, there’s one common bond that stands out. That bond is knowledge of the products that are at the focal point of each survey. It’s required of each survey team member to immerse themselves fully in the vendor’s product line. From product demonstrations to company history, our team studies the ins and outs of featured products in any given survey. Having background knowledge also serves us well when trying to gauge customer satisfaction. This allows us to have in-depth conversations with customers about these products.

Keeping it Conversational:

A crucial element of taking phone surveys is making sure you as the survey facilitator don’t fall into the trap of just asking the questions. As someone who has worked surveys, it’s become very clear that there needs to be a conversation between you and the customer. Reacting lively to a customer’s input goes a long way in establishing a connection between the two parties. More often than not the customer will be more enthusiastic about completing the survey after there has been a warm, conversational exchange. Thus, of course, benefits everyone involved. This is why we put such an emphasis on keeping the conversation authentic when taking CSAT surveys.

The Results:

Techtonic Sales has managed to fuse technology with the ever so important human touch. This is truly exemplified through the survey data collection process. After a survey team member finishes a conversation with the customer, they immediately go over the information that was just given to them. Aside from the scale-based questions, the survey offers a few open-ended questions. At this point, the customer can reflect on their experience in more detail. This is arguably the most critical element of the survey due to its openness. Here, the survey facilitator must accurately report what the customer had to say in response to the given question.

Through this, there’s a chance for more dialogue about the customer experience, leading to a more detailed account of what exactly worked for the customer and what didn’t.

Why it Works:

Now, if you’ve been reading this blog series from the beginning, you’ve surely noticed the recurring theme telling you why phone surveys work. We’ve tackled how to effectively measure customer satisfaction along with providing data suggesting phone surveys are the best method to do so. It’s also important to provide the perspective of the survey team representative. From this perspective, I believe the CSAT surveys via phone is effective because of its personality and simplicity.

Making the CSAT Surveys More Enjoyable

While no two calls are the same, I can honestly say that most customers who answer are willing to take the time out of their day to complete our survey. Oftentimes there is a personal connection built within the first few seconds of the call. For instance, I always do my best to include a “how are you doing” type greeting. This goes a long way in establishing comfort in the call. As well as making the survey process much more enjoyable for all. Injecting personality into the survey is a part of what our team does best and it shows in just how many customers have completed the survey.

The importance of simplicity cannot be understated when it comes to taking a survey. Our survey is written in a way where the meat-and-potatoes of the questions are easy to understand. Also, we value time just as much as the customer. We aren’t going to take up a massive chunk of the customer’s day trying to figure out how their experience was. A typical survey will last between three and five minutes. We do our best to make the survey experience simple, informative, and effective.


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