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Bridging the CX Gap within Your Organization

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Hunter Ellis;  Account Manager
Imagine this; you’ve just been given the promotion of a lifetime. The position you’ve been working all those years for is finally within the grasp of your own hands. After all the countless hours and grueling, your efforts are finally paying off. Naturally, you’ll feel inclined to celebrate. Who wouldn’t?!

Your wheels begin to turn… with the new position comes more responsibility and with more responsibility comes more pay. You’ve been driving around a car that’s 17 years old and probably on its last legs. That’s it! With that extra money in your pocket, you see it fit to buy a new vehicle.

When the time comes to do some research on a product, you’ve narrowed it down to just two brands. After filling out online forms, requesting more information and a quote, you receive two phone calls:

[ Company A ]

The first call comes from Company A. The representative for this company tells you that they’re running a promotion and you should act fast on buying. They quickly move on to explain where you can find the closest dealer. Then, they hang up.

This call was relatively fast. While the representative gave you some of the necessary information, the call lacked a personal touch. These types of calls, in particular, feel as though it could’ve been completed by an automated caller.


The Importance of Human Connection with Customers

When it comes to communicating with customers, the value of effective human interaction is undeniable. Here’s why our proven survey method is more successful than others.

[ Company B ]

The second call comes from Company B. Their representative greets you with a cheerful introduction. After discussing the product, they take the time to ask you a couple of questions regarding your current situation. For example:

  1. Which car do you currently have?
  2. What do you like and don’t like about the model?
  3. And how soon you’re looking to buy the new car?

The company employee also inquires about where you plan on taking the car in the years to come. After a brief conversation about your favorite road trip destinations, you exchange contact information with the employee. Once the right information is gathered, the rep then tells you where you can find your local dealer.

You’re all set! The information is finalized, and sitting in front of you are two different quotes from two different companies. Both cars come out to be the same price. Based on your experience as a customer, which company do you choose?

Building & Maintaining a Strong Relationship

Maintaining a strong relationship between the customer and your organization is a crucial part of a successful business model. The customer experience (CX) is at the forefront of what drives leads to become buyers. Meaning, organizations need to nurture their leads by creating an insightful, inviting customer experience. There are many steps that can be taken to ensure that the CX is a positive one. You can start by listening to your customers.


Perhaps the most important aspect of cultivating a meaningful relationship between customer and business is to simply listen. From the company’s standpoint, allowing open dialogue between customers and customer service representatives creates for a more dynamic conversation. When reps are more present in the discussion and actually listening to the customer, they’re able to answer questions properly. Moreover, it helps promote the product or service that’s being sold.

Customers often throw curveballs. In other words, their expectations vary, along with their intentions. Therefore, the CX must be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of each customer.

Showing Emotion:

Coupled with listening, showing emotions is also an effective way to build relationships between customers and businesses. At Techtonic Sales, we’ve been able to set ourselves up for success by adhering to this method.

Showing emotions while talking to a customer can be accomplished in relatively simple actions. So, whether it’s the caller’s positive energy or displaying an interest in the customer’s needs, showing emotions is imperative. It plays a large part in dictating the end result of the conversation. This is why staying engaged in lively, thoughtful conversations will certainly help create a strong CX.

— With HIGHER Engagement Comes Higher Results —

Gaining Customer Knowledge

Directly related to the aforementioned tactics is customer knowledge. Having information about the customer can be extremely beneficial when speaking directly to them. For instance, the employee (or representative) can offer more personalized suggestions. They can also inquire about more in-depth details as to what the customer is looking for.

On top of that, knowing the customer helps improve business. This gives the company a better understanding of how they can improve their products, services, and methodology.

Customer knowledge is also critical in enhancing CX.

The goal for the company is to show that they care and they know exactly what the customer wants. If an employee is engaged in conversation, the customer is more likely to respond positively. As a result, that customer feels as though they are being heard and that their needs will be met.

Start Closing the CX Gap Today!

All-in-all, the formula for successful customer experience (CX) boils down to a few key ingredients.

Firstly, the company must listen to the needs of the customer. Keeping an open dialogue between customers and the company will help both sides reach their ultimate goal.

Secondly, from the company’s perspective, it’s important to show emotion. This will enhance the CX by showing the customer that they aren’t speaking to an artificial voice.

Lastly, knowing the customer is truly essential in fostering a positive CX. This provides in-depth insight into why the customer is right for the given product/service. More specifically, it shows the different strengths that the company has and provides.


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