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How Sales-Marketing Alignment Results in Dynamic Lead Nurturing
How Sales-Marketing Alignment Results in a Dynamic Lead Nurturing

by: Stephanie Lanik

Strategic Marketing Coordinator
A unified strategy is essential for success in any business. This is specifically true when it comes to Sales and Marketing. If both departments within the same organization have conflicting objectives, there is no way that the business can continue to grow.
While your marketing team is working at the top of the funnel (generating and nurturing high-quality leads through social media marketing, content marketing, and more), your sales team is working hard at the bottom (handling revenue, deals, and pushing to close the deal). Though both teams work in very different areas of the business, their end goals are the same: to bring in more customers and generate more revenue for your company.
Ideally, if both departments are in sync, these end goals can be achieved more efficiently and effectively. However, if one falls out of place, the entire system or strategy gets messed up. This is why a seamless and optimized marketing and sales funnel only can exist with a collaborative effort.
Collaboration Results in Effective Lead Hand-Offs
Effective collaboration is the best way for a business to improve as a whole. It results in a better hand-off of leads, which helps to ensure sales reps are spending their valuable time on prospects who are willing and able to buy.

What if those leads aren’t ready to buy? Well, thanks to better collaboration between the two departments, those leads can be sent back to marketing for further nurturing – Making sure those leads who may buy in the future aren’t neglected.

And when it comes to nurturing leads and increasing conversions, there’s nothing more important than a strong sales-marketing alignment, or as we call it, Smarketing.

Sales-Marketing Alignment = Dynamic Lead Nurturing
Lead nurturing is typically handled by marketing departments, but it is essential to strong sales performance. An effective lead nurturing strategy should flow seamlessly between marketing and sales, helping to create a consistent customer experience throughout the entire sales cycle, while (hopefully) converting the most qualified leads into paying customers. In fact, according to a study by market research firm CSO Insights, 89% of companies that align their sales and marketing efforts have seen a measurable increase in the number of high-quality sales opportunities generated through deepened lead nurturing.
However, if there is a disconnect in the strategies, it could negatively affect the way leads are captured, nurtured, and converted, and could ultimately be the main reason you’re falling behind in your lead nurturing efforts. That’s why it’s VITAL for the success of your business to develop processes that help bridge the gap between your sales and marketing.


Here’s how: By combining technology and the human touch, we help implement a proven process that seamlessly adapts to your sales and marketing efforts. So, as both teams continue to work hard at driving and closing leads, we simply bridging the gap between the two – making sure no leads are lost or left behind.

Driving Increased Conversion Rates & Customer Retention

When there’s collaboration between the people who generate leads and the people who convert those leads, your organization will have more success in terms of converting leads and effectively moving potential buyers through the funnel. This too will eventually result in better sales and customer retention which is why building relationships with your existing customers is just as much marketing’s responsibility as sales – it’s essential to achieving a common goal and increasing the lifetime value of your customers.

In fact, evidence suggests that:

  • When both sales and marketing share responsibility for lead nurturing, companies experience a significant increase in conversion rates (Source: CSO Insights, 2014).
  • Aligned organizations had 67% higher conversion rates and their leads generated over 209% more revenue (Source: Marketo, 2019).
  • Organizations with strong sales and marketing alignment saw a 36% higher customer retention rates (Source: SuperOffice, 2019).
There’s a lot more to gain from this alignment, especially if the teams work together in order to grow, nurture and retain customers.

For example, once you’ve acquired a new customer, your marketing team should shift their communication from attracting to growing and influencing a customer to stay with your business, try new products, upgrade their product, add more licenses, etc. – with your sales team ready to step in at any time.

4 Strategies to Help Optimize Your Lead Conversion Rate

From best practice to recent data-findings, we’ve come up with a handful of lead nurturing strategies designed to help you manage your leads, improve your conversion rate, and take care of any leaks in your current sales funnel.

Bringing Inbound Marketing & Sales Development Together

Nurturing is a crucial component to leveraging both your marketing and sales efforts, enabling you to communicate your message more efficiently. A strong nurturing process helps both teams integrate solid messaging and a continuous flow of emails and calls to help keep things moving.

A successful inbound marketing campaign relies on both marketing and sales working as one team towards the same objectives. This alignment is of particular importance when it comes to the nurturing process, as teams must jointly:

  • Focus on lead qualification, and have a unified definition over what constitutes a good Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) – and what does not.
  • Implement a lead scoring system to ensure that only quality, qualified leads are included in your nurturing strategy.
  • Collaborate on nurture content and share insights over appropriate publishing channels to maintain awareness with your audience.
  • THE MOST CRITICAL COMPONENT: Agree the defined point at which a lead should be handed from marketing to sales as they progress through the funnel.
It’s important that your marketing team consults with the sales team about what kind of buyer information will be most helpful to them. Knowing the exact kind of buyer data to collect will help your marketing team smoothly transition more qualified leads through the funnel – resulting in more sales!
streamline your business with
The Reality:  Sales and Marketing are Continuously Integrated…
When businesses are able to successfully align sales and marketing objectives, it can facilitate better communication and integration between both teams which in turn creates greater success in nurturing and converting leads.

All in all, when these departments work together, the entire company reaps the benefits.

Let us help you bridge that gap and accelerate your lead nurturing strategy.
At Techtonic Sales, we integrate cohesively with YOUR current marketing and sales process to help streamline your lead flow, productivity, and efficiency between both departments. The result: better engagement from your leads, higher conversion rates, and ultimately better results for your bottom line! Visit or contact us at to learn more!
Written by: Stephanie Lanik
– Strategic Marketing Coordinator at Techtonic Sales –
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