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Quantity and Quality: How Your Sales Team Can Be More Effective
Quantity and Quality: How Your Sales Team Can Be More Effective

By: Julia HIll

Data Analyst
If at first you don’t succeed – then try, try again. The same principle applies when you are trying to reach out to a new lead. We have written in the past about how important it is to make multiple attempts to contact a prospective lead. But all the attempts in the world won’t matter if you aren’t able to have a Quality Conversation and make a real CONNECTION once you have the prospect on the phone.

“Quality and Quantity must exist in the same room.”

~ Jim Polingo (our fearless leader here at Techtonic Sales)

There are two problems taking place in a normal sales environment. The sales team is either too busy to take any action on a lead, or they only reach out once. Typically, if they do not connect the first time and the lead does not reach back out to the sales person, the assumption is made that they must not be that interested. The lead gets put by the wayside. Never to see the light of day again. That is the kiss of death in an all new digital world of lead generation and sales.
Quantity Matters
Last month, we explored 7 things you can do to improve your contact rate. Two of these relate to quantity of outreach: response rate & giving up after one or two attempts. [Check out our last post about it]. Especially in this busy day and age it is vital that you and your team are able to attempt your first contact in the first five minutes after someone reaches out – but then you have to also continue to make multiple attempts to reach your prospective customers. MIT has a study exploring the metrics of how the timing and number of attempts affects your contact, conversion, and close rates. Making your first contact attempt within 5 minutes of a lead “raising their hand” is four times more likely to be qualified than a call placed at 10 minutes and 21 times more successful than a call placed at 30.


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Studies also show that 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the initial contact to complete a sale. SO it is not just getting the prospect on the line during their initial research stage of the purchase, but also being available throughout their journey down the sales pipeline. Most sales teams fail to perform this requirement because they just can’t find the time. This is how we can make your marketing matter.
Quality Matters
I don’t think anyone in sales would question that a quality conversation, exploring a customer’s needs and expectations, is the best way to build a relationship and turn a prospective lead into a buyer. Just try googling “Sales Conversations” there are literally HUNDREDS of millions of hits – describing the importance of conversation in sales, how-tos, and how-not-tos. This is one of our favorites.
What constitutes a “quality”conversation? It varies by industry and by product – but, generally, it centers around the prospect’s needs and pressure points. After all, sales is really about providing a solution to a problem and not just selling a product, right? It is important to take the time to explore your lead’s expectations and work with them to discuss solutions and how you are able to help them. While also building rapport and making sure that they feel comfortable with your company and your product. Of course, these kinds of conversations take time.

You may have the best widget in the world, according to yourself, but if it does not fit the needs of your customer, what then is it worth to them? Qualifying the needs of your customer requires the art of listening and then responding. So many people make the mistake to tell the customer how their widget will help solve their problem. When in essence, they never even asked the customer what their issue was and how they can help solve for that.

Streamline Your Business with
Putting them together
Making numerous attempts to contact prospects, to contact them throughout the buying decision making process and making sure to engage and to have real conversations all take time. Do you sacrifice quality for the sake of making more attempts to connect? Or sacrifice the touchpoints along the way, hoping leads don’t drop off? It’s an age-old question – Quality vs. Quantity.

Some businesses do not have the bandwidth and the sales team necessary to support all the touchpoints and be able to take the time to really connect and engage with each prospect. But there is another option…

Quality Conversations
Here at Techtonic Sales, we believe you don’t have to make that choice between quality and quantity. We have established a proven and successful multi touch process in which we do the multiple contact attempts for you and establish rapport to help connect your prospects to your product, from the second we reach out. In today’s digital world, people seek information before they buy. Our population is the most informed group of people in our history. They want to know if what your selling is what they need.

Through customized campaigns and customized conversations, we are your brand. We are not “just a call center” – we are your lead management team. We are a direct extension of your sales team. We put in the work up front so that you sales team can spend their time closing sales and freeing up their time for even more sales.

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter scripting. Stale scripting leads to stale leads. No customer has ever been excited or truly engaged in a Q&A script read by rote. We work with our clients to determine what criteria they feel is important, and we engage and attempt to really connect with every prospect – because listening has always been the best tool for any sales team.

Quality Documentation
At Techtonic sales, we utilize Salesforce CRM in order to maintain and track your lead management process. No sticky notes pasted all over your desk, that mysteriously disappear. Not notepads to try and flip through to find that person’s cell number that you collected on your last call. Everything is at your fingertips.

A CRM allows us to document our conversations, set tasks and activities to follow up with the leads in an organized manner. Every day our plan is pre-set from the day before which allows for our team to be organized and efficient in order to fully execute on the process and provide the most clear cut path to success.

However, your data is only as good as what you put in it. Ask yourself, what would a total stranger take away from the notes that were entered? Would they be able to decipher it. Would another team member be able to pick up where you left off if they were asked to take over that lead? Again, quality and quantity must live in the same room, otherwise you have labored in vain. We ensure that all the data and information we gather is entered accurately into the CRM so that your company has the complete picture and is able to better execute your marketing and sales strategy.

We have worked to develop effective sales and marketing support (including creative scripting and unique contact protocols) for a number of organizations, including Bobcat, Sport Clips, Marsden, Leavitt, Hays Group and Benovate, Inc. Our experience has led us to develop a simple, low-pressure, high-contact system that combines technology with “the human touch”. This proven method, which bridges the gap between sales and marketing, not only drives inbound interest, but also works to cultivate relationships between our clients and their customers. We don’t just aim for more sales—we aim for better sales.

Quantifiable Results
I know what you’re thinking. This sounds great, but where’s the beef? What kind of results can a local outsource lead management team really get.

Sales 4.0

Since taking over Doosan Bobcat inbound lead processing in 2012, Techtonic Sales has managed to garner impressive increases on qualified leads. The initial year, by employing best practice timing methods, dedication and consistency, Techtonic Sales increased Bobcat’s close – won rate by 438% which garnered a 111% Rate of Return (ROR). A similar campaign for Doosan Equipment has yielded a 305% ROR
From the Team
“We have an outline NOT a script that we follow. There is no specific order as to how we get from A to Z, just that we get there. We are engaged and ask questions based on our product knowledge and understanding of the person’s profession.”
~ Kevin
“The calls do not follow a dedicated script – there is more of an ebb and flow based on the customer’s responses to the initial questions – this will allow for more of a natural conversation.“
~ Keith
– Julia Hill, Data Analyst –
Analyzes Data (Like a Boss) when not busy waiting on her dogs.
If you’re interested in reading some case-studies, or if you’d like more information about how business process outsourcing can help streamline and strengthen your company, feel free to contact us 612-455-7135 or email info@techtonicsales.com, and we’ll get you the information you need.

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