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5 Ways to Use CRM to Optimize Digital Marketing

5 Ways to Use CRM to Optimize Digital Marketing

By: Julia HIll

Data Analyst
Solving the Problem of Follow-Through
Everyone is talking about ad buys and lead generation.
In this increasingly competitive age, they are of paramount importance to bring in new business and add to your sales pipeline. While lead generation is great, it sometimes poses a dilemma. How do you ensure that you are pursuing all of the leads in a timely manner and continue to follow up with those prospective clients? The best way to get the biggest bang for your marketing dollar and to optimize your sales process is by using a CRM to manage your incoming leads and ensure that a uniform schedule of contact is implemented across the board.

When you establish any new process, it may look like at times like you are having to take an extra step that slows you down. The benefits may not be clear at first, but once you start utilizing a tool – like a CRM – you will start to see how it does the work for you.

A little extra time now will pay off multiple dividends down the line.
Don’t believe it? Try this: Take out a piece of paper and write you full name down in cursive. How long did that take? 5 seconds? 6? Now write out your full name in cursive – BUT – skip every other letter. I bet that it took you longer to write down half the letters rather than all of them. Why? Because your brain and your muscles are used to writing your full name. Writing every other letter requires a bit more thought and a bit of deliberation. But, what if you practiced writing down every other letter every day? How long would it take for you to beat the first time? Habits generally take about 3 weeks to become solidified and automatic. Would you be willing to try something new for 3 weeks if it meant by the end of that time, you are able to recognize and appreciate the benefits?
(More Info about Habit-Forming here)


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When looking at any kind of change to your organizational processes, there is always some inertia. The reason for this is that it is always easier to do what you have always done. You know each of the steps, and you can repeat each step in your sleep. Having to learn a new process and to train your brain and form a new habit may take some time, but when the benefits are so clear it makes sense to embrace that change.

Embracing the use of a CRM pays off big benefits for any size company that has leads that need to be contacted and followed up on – any company that has customers really. Businesses are built on relationships, and relationships are built on communication.

By building your communication scheduling and process into the CRM, you are able to take advantage of these five benefits:

5 Ways to Use CRM to Optimize Digital Marketing
1. Eliminate “lost leads”
No one wants to admit that some leads may slip through the cracks, but the reality is that post-its, spreadsheets, etc can get lost and then what? With a CRM, you are able to create a daily task list to see which clients you should reach out to each day, ensuring that no leads get lost and all prospects are followed through with.
2. Allow for flexibility and turnover
Another way that the sales process can run off the rails is when a sales team member goes on vacation, or a sales rep leaves your organization. With a CRM, it is as easy as transferring a task to another team member when someone goes on vacation. And changing the ownership of the lead in the system is just as easy if you need to hand-off leads to a new team member. Because the CRM helps you ensure the same contact schedule process, you will have continuity in following up with contacts & nurturing prospects
3. Prioritize and sort leads
Prioritization & categorization are key. By sorting your prospects based on when they raised their hand by how they did so – you are able to customize how you reach back out to them and how often. You can customize the sales process path based on what is effective for each type of lead. Trying to do this by hand and on the fly is bound to be complicated. Leads are definitely going to get missed. With a CRM, you won’t lose any leads & are able to manage the lead path and contact schedules.
4. Catch and fix bottlenecks
Discover ways to optimize your sales cycle by analyzing where/when the pipeline gets bogged down and by troubleshooting to find ways to more effectively push through the bottleneck. CRMs make it easy to create reports that can be customized to show you sales cycle stages and determine where improvement is necessary or possible.
5. Automate reporting
Create reports that will show trends in lead streams, so you know where to fish and where to cut bait. There are many reports and metrics you are able to instantly pull if you use a CRM. Including optimization of your lead generation sources & process management.
Streamline Your Business with
But why spend more time engaging clients?
By letting the CRM do the heavy lifting on remembering who to reach out to and when, your sales team is able to spend more of their time doing what they do best – Creating rapport by engaging with new prospects and maintaining relationships with your existing customer base.

In one of our recent blogs, we went over why it is so important to have a schedule to reach out to prospective clients and to reach out ASAP. Engaging with your prospects early and often is the key to maximizing your lead pipeline. The CRN doesn’t take the place of the human connection, it just makes it easier for you to spend time making those connections and improving client engagement.

Using All the Tools
People like to do business with people they trust. By utilizing a personalized nurture campaign, you create an opportunity to build a relationship that leads not just to one-off sales, but also provides a foundation for repeat customers. In another of our blogs we talk about the balance of making that happen. Too many people think that you have to sacrifice either automation or human interaction in a growing company. Utilizing a CRM process allows a growing company to stay just as engaged, while matching the higher number of leads being driven.
– Julia Hill, Data Analyst –
Analyzes Data (Like a Boss) when not busy waiting on her dogs.
If you’re interested in reading some case-studies, or if you’d like more information about how business process outsourcing can help streamline and strengthen your company, feel free to contact us 612-455-7124 or email info@techtonicsales.com, and we’ll get you the information you need.

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