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Outsourcing Inside Sales (Locally)

By: Meghan Hatalla

Expert Blogger

The Pros and Cons to (locally) Outsourcing Your Inside Sales

Building a team is one of the hardest parts of executing a sales strategy. Sometimes it can feel like a endless cycle of hiring, onboarding, and replacing sales team members. But there is a way out of that cycle: (locally) outsourcing your inside sales team.

A critical look at any sales infrastructure reveals the pros and cons of any given structure. Whether an organization is looking to expand their in-house sales team or interested in outsourcing, weighing the pros and cons of both sides is an important part of the analysis.

Pros & Cons of Expanding In-House Sales

Pro: Onsite and On-Call

Having a team in-house is great for the organic interactions that arise. Team building, creating a company culture, all of these things happen seamlessly when teams aren’t divided by time and distance.


Con: Investing in Hiring & Onboarding

Hiring a sales position, on average, takes anywhere from 30 to 90 days. Add to that the time it takes to onboard a new hire, and how long before that hire becomes financially productive. It’s a hefty investment–and one that has to be made to avoid departures and having to restart the process.


Pro: Hand-On Control

With an in-house sales team, you can mold and shape your team from the ground up. You can manage their hours, environment, and closely monitor production


Con: Managing Benefits & Legalities

Full-time, in-house sales teams come with management needs beyond helping them develop productivity. There are benefits and human resources as well as the legalities involved in managing people as a whole. As well as very time-consuming. Which generates a need for more personnel or more divided responsibilities.

When teams aren't divided it...

Helps team building, creating a company culture, all of these things happen seamlessly when teams aren’t divided by time and distance.
Pros & Cons of Outsourcing Locally

Pro: Cost Effective

Let’s be honest: hiring a full-time sales team is expensive. Outsourcing is a great option to keep costs low and potentially avoid cash flow problems.


Con: Loss of Control

It might seem like outsourcing inside sales could lead to a loss of control of the sales team or customer relationships. However, utilizing software like Salesforce, Sharpspring or another customer-relationship management (CRM) tool allows organizations to closely track interactions, established sales and refine processes.


Pro: Experience & Process

Local outsourcing also means bringing on experienced people who already have a process down. They know what they’re doing, how to do it, and how to use the software most effectively.


Con: Losing Information

A worry associated with outsourcing sales is that the team will build up client lists and networks, only to withhold the information. To help assuage this worry, be sure to Ensuring that your CRM is being utilized properly and your processes are in place that require personal sign-offs.

The other part of outsourcing is this: it simply says where the work can be done outside better than it can be done inside, we should do it”

– Alphonso Jackson


Pro: Time Efficacy

Managing a sales team takes time and energy… Elements that might be in short supply in any business where employees wear many hats. As a result, outsourcing inside sales gives your organization more time to devote to other important tasks.


Con: Disconnected Team

It’s hard to recreate the connections that happen organically in an in-house sales team. Disconnection from the daily activity of the team as a whole is a concern, but it’s not impossible to overcome. However, using a tool like Salesforce or SharpSpring is a great way to allow teams to share data and information whenever and wherever.

The right choice between outsourcing or expanding an in-house sales team varies from organization to organization. But no matter the size of your organization, the advantages of outsourcing locally can benefit you in multiple ways.

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