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Marketing generates interest. Sales close deals. In between, leads get lost, dropped, and tossed.

Techtonic Sales bridges the gap between marketing and sales—so no leads go unattended.

Tools & tech to respond quickly

A dedicated expert to enhance your sales team

Processes and practices to close more deals

When People Show Interest in Your Business…

Do your sales reps have too little information to close enough deals?
Are reps responding too little, too late to keep leads’ interest?
Are leads getting lost or dropped where marketing ends—and sales starts?
Are you spending more than you earn for your leads? Do you even know?
Do you know what’s working, what’s not, or what to change for your marketing and sales activities?
Are you converting too few leads into paying customers—month after month?

Welcome Leads to Your Business

They deserve your attention and warmth—as if they knocked on your door and you invited them in. Listen to them. Learn about them. Connect with them. So you can solve their expensive business problems with your products and services.

Respond to leads as soon as they show interest

Your marketing generates leads. Our experts respond to them quickly—and persistently. Data shows this is required to talk with more people, more ready to buy.

Talk with leads the right way

Now that we have their attention, we’ll ask the right questions. Your dedicated expert will learn, educate, filter, grade and place leads into the right sales funnel. Everything captured to push quality leads deeper into your sales process.
With deep knowledge about your leads, your reps will have better insights to close more deals. For those not yet ready to buy, we’ll nurture them. So when they are ready, they’ll think of you.

Technology with the Human Touch

Companies are generating leads—no problem. But what companies are doing with those leads (or not)—big problem.

It’s one thing to generate leads. But getting value for each lead doesn’t stop there. Obvious, right? You’d be surprised. We see it all the time. Which is why we started Techtonic Sales in 2007.

We help businesses like yours keep up with leads… from the moment they show interest… to the time they’re closed. Whether they bought, or not.

Either way, leads are valuable to your business—so long as you know:

  • What to learn about them
  • How to talk with them
  • Whether to sell or nurture them

So you can advance them to the next stage in your sales process—for… Every. Single. Lead.

Lead engagement is more than just tools, funnels, and software—a human being to bring it all together. Techtonics Sales will guide you from marketing to and through selling—combining technology with a human touch.


Lead Engagement = Your Solution.

Click over to our services page to learn how our lead engagement process can maximize the value of every lead you obtain and increase your revenue – maintaining that growth at any scale!

How We’ll Work Together

Are people in marketing and sales confused with disjointed processes? Are your reps qualifying leads when they should be closing them? Is your revenue growing annually by 1 or 2 or 3% -vs- by 10 or 15 or 20%? Don’t panic, we’re here to help.

Listen and Learn

We’ll follow up right away (of course, right?). We’ll learn what’s going on, what’s working and what’s not for your leads. Then schedule a follow-up meeting if we’re a match.

Gather More Intel

Learn about your processes. Identify gaps to fill. Follow up with proposed options to improve the flow of leads from marketing to and through sales.

Collaborate Together

Meet your sales expert. Set up processes & practices. Do the work, refine everything, see results.

Sell More of Your Stuff

Your processes improved. Your salespeople are more informed. Every lead addressed. Better conversations. More deals closed.
Why gamble with your precious leads?
“I’m tired of wasting money generating leads we don’t talk to. Tired of not knowing enough about leads we do talk to. I want our reps to be better prepared. I want to know what to do with every lead, whether they’re ready to buy now or later. I want better processes and more expertise to convert more leads to paying customers.”
We. Hear. You.

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2829 University Ave. SE, Suite #820, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Local: (612) 455 - 7100
Toll Free: (888) 326 - 6118