our mission is to create beautiful, powerful, affordable websites.

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Techtonic Sales – Web Development (formerly known as RG4Web) is the web design and development department within Techtonic Sales. Our process was created specifically to focus on small to mid-sized companies to make powerful websites accessible to all business. We believe good design should be available to everyone.

Website Buildout

We prefer to start from scratch, and build the website of your dreams within our preferred platform – WordPress. Call today to learn more about our package options.

Detailed Planning

Our low-cost structure means we stick to a very specific schedule: 2 weeks for the initial build, then 2 weeks of reviews, followed by monthly SEO and WordPress maintainance.


Information architecture

Using today’s most popular website building archetecture, WordPress, allows us to keep things simple while saying true to your creative vision.


Easy Updates

Blog posts, photo changes, contact form updates… most of our clients find our 2 “content update”  hours every month more than enough time to keep their websites looking fresh, year-round.

SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is always evolving, and our team is constantly learning to stay on top of the latest trends.

Creative Copywriting

We like to work with what you’ve got! Most of our clients come to us with most of their content “finished,” and we help to style it in a way that speaks to your clients/customers/fans.


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Sam Arachtingi

Sam Arachtingi

Client Solutions Manager; Canine Enthusiast


Michael Libman

Michael Libman

Developer; Tequila Connoisseur


Stephanie Lanik

Stephanie Lanik

Social Media Expert; Content Managing Guru; Office Hair-do Consultant


Wes Phillips

Wes Phillips

Code Monkey; Allergic to actual monkeys


Melissa Hennessey

Melissa Hennessey

Marketing Person; Very rare cat-and-dog Person


Jim Polingo

Jim Polingo

President of The Reier Group; Jai Alai Officiant



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Our packages are uniquely built to fit any business, but our focus is on small and independent operations.

2829 University Ave. SE Suite #820
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e:  info@techtonicsales.com
t:  (612) 455-7100

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