With several years of experience in multiple CRM platforms, we work with all sizes of groups to develop a Client/Customer Relationship Management system that works.
our mission

We started Techtonic CRM because growing businesses are often unsure or unable to work with their CRM.

For many of growing companies, the options seem limited – Either hire an internal administrator, or sign on with an over-priced consultancy. 

Techtonic CRM offers a third way- Comprehensive consulting and systems integration from a certified Salesforce partner. Analytics support, data cleansing, software and security updates, system integration—whatever your business needs—all offered at honest, monthly rates. We save the time and trouble of hiring or training a backend admin, and the headache of dealing with larger, costly services.

“Although Salesforce can be very user-friendly, there is typically a lot going on behind the scenes. Structuring your custom solution is the key to your success.”

~ Tim Weich, Implementation Manger


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Ongoing maintenance

6 hours of on-call support

48 hour guaranteed response time

Best for 1-10 users

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Ongoing maintenance

12 hours of on-call support

48 hour guaranteed response time

Best for 10-25 users

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Ongoing maintenance

25 hours of on-call support

12 hour guaranteed response time

Best for 25-50 users

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