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Josh Aaker
Program Manager
Joshua received his degree in Marketing from Benedictine College in 2017, and has since been working for Techtonic Sales. In his time here, he has been a key part of the development of a new branch of our company, which focuses on improving sales process, marketing data collection and analysis for our clients. He has recently taken on a more diverse role on our team, and is involved with internal staffing, training, and marketing efforts.


Meet the Team: Q&A
We asked Josh a few questions about his day-to-day operations at Techtonic… Here are his answers:

Q: How is your average day divided?

(between 1st calls, protocol, nurture, emails, etc.)
A: My average day is divided between a few different things. I run a program that just completed its pilot phase, and that is my primary duty. It usually takes up about half of my day, and involves engaging with dealers and helping them to keep their client information updated and accurate. The other half of my day I work in qualification, helping the rest of the team with their tasks and activities if necessary. A big part of the dynamic here is the team play. On any given day, one person might get through their work quickly, and another might be swamped. Morale always stays high because it’s a constant mutual effort.

Q: What do you think about the five minute rule? What is it, and how effective is it?

A: The 5 minute rule refers to our practice of reaching out to a lead within 5 minutes of their submission. It’s based on an MIT study that showed that when this rule is adhered to, it drastically increases both contact and conversion rates. Essentially, we are striking while the iron is hot, and while the lead is focused on that decision process.


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Q: Describe an average call. How is it different from avg call center?

(describe engagement, etc)
A: It is hard to describe any one call as average. We really only have a script in the sense that we have a list of points that we want to make sure we cover over the course of a conversation with a customer. Beyond that, every conversation is unique. Our job is to ask some questions, and let the person talk. Staying engaged means listening well, and understanding how the customer’s words translate to needs that I can communicate to the person that will help them, in the best and most effective way possible.

Streamline Your Business with

Q: Describe how you use the CRM to make the sales process easier and what you use it for?

A: I have always been told to create a plan each day.  Fail the plan, plan to fail. Utilizing the CRM ensures that the plan is in place each day and all I need to do is execute on it.  All my activities for the day are laid out in front of me. I know exactly what I have to do that day. As I complete my daily activities, I can just set a new one for the following day, therefore creating my plan for the next business day. Plus I am able to record the result of every action I take, whether a call or email and document any notes I take from the call. I cannot tell you how much more effective and efficient I am at making my calls.  No spreadsheets, no post it notes, no chicken scratch on a random piece of paper. Everything is right at my finger tips.

Q: In your experience, do you think a robo-dialer, or a basic email campaign could accomplish the same kind of progress you see with your nurturing work?

A: Absolutely not. Personal engagement is the key to a successful campaign.  Everyone gets bombarded by auto dialers, inexperienced call centers or impersonal email campaigns.  When we make those calls we add that personal touch. Timing is everything. An effective campaign not only keeps the lead top of mind, but when they are ready, that call can make all the difference, knowing that there is a person they can talk to, not just a no reply email address.
Our Team is Ready to Help Your Business Thrive!
When choosing a partner to locally outsource with, it is vitally important that you find the right partner and the right team.  Here at Techtonic Sales we have gathered the best and brightest to help your company achieve your sales and marketing goals.  Each member of the Techtonic team brings something different to the table, and all are here ready to help your business grow and thrive.
If you’re interested in reading some case-studies, or if you’d like more information about how business process outsourcing can help streamline and strengthen your company, feel free to contact us 612-455-7124 or email info@techtonicsales.com, and we’ll get you the information you need.

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