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A Positive Customer Experience Is The New Lead Generation Tool

Customer experience (or CX) is an increasingly popular topic for businesses. While originating as a web-centric term for optimizing websites and social media around the needs of users, it has grown to encompass the entire customer journey. From that first touchpoint through conversion to retention, customers are hungry for meaningful experiences instead of simple transactions.

What constitutes a meaningful experience might vary from person to person. But, at Techtonic Sales, we definitely know what it isn’t: reading off scripts, recorded standard messaging, and all things mass produced.

The Human Side of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

The basics of lead generation are fairly straightforward, but adding in a personal component can drive far more interactions and lead to more sales. Far too many BPO organizations rely on those aforementioned aids because they view customer interactions as something to check off the list.

And customers can tell.


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The constant barrage of media has made most of us fairly savvy consumers of information. We can recognize inauthenticity when we see it, especially in the context of a sales call. When a conversation feels circular, or lacks any personality, customers tune out.  That’s why Techtonic Sales employs elevated customer experience standards. Our representatives aren’t just focused on getting through their calls. They’re encouraged to build relationships and have real conversations with clients and customers. It not only creates rapport, but gives our representatives insight into where they are in the buying journey. And what will help them reach a decision.

Streamline Your Business with

Strategic Customer Experience IS Lead Generation

Actually talking–and listening–to customers might not seem like revolutionary customer service. But for most BPOs, CX and relationship-building are the last thing on their mind.

Proper lead generation isn’t a linear path. Customers and clients are individuals with unique needs, drives and impulses. The only way to meet their needs is to listen.

If you’re interested in reading some case-studies, or if you’d like more information about how business process outsourcing can help streamline and strengthen your company, feel free to contact us 612-455-7124 or email info@techtonicsales.com, and we’ll get you the information you need.

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