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Sam Arachtingi, Customer Solutions Manager

10 APRIL 2018

Hi, there!

We’re RG4Web, and we think the internet’s pretty cool.

We think a lot of stuff is cool, actually. We’re an odd, slightly irreverent, and eclectic bunch with different interests, tastes, and experiences. Between the lot of us, we know where to find the least healthy (read: best-tasting) breakfast burrito in San Diego, the spiciest chai in Kolkata, and the worst red wine in Rome (but, hey, for a Euro, you can’t complain!) We’re into travel, cosmetology, dogs, cosmology, cooking, dogs, music, sailboat racing, gardening, and dogs–a whole bunch of stuff. (Also, web design. But more on that in a bit.) 

Everyone’s a little different–which is why we think the internet is so cool. It’s like a huge jello-ey suspension of people’s stories and knowledge and experience.

It’s ever expanding. It’s sometimes crazy. It’s absolutely beautiful.

“It’s ever expanding. It’s sometimes crazy. It’s absolutely beautiful.”


We might have different interests,  our mission at RG4Web is unified: we make great web presences at honest prices, and we have some fun doing it. We’re into helping others make their business’s stories shine online. We want everyone to have the chance to have his or her business make a real impact, locally and beyond. We want to get rid of the extraordinary costs and fluffy jargon and just provide killer web help instead.

Our blog is a bold avenue of self-promotion our effort to share our enthusiasm for cool web-stuff with the world. In it, you’ll find info pieces on what makes the web work, tips on building an awesome website, and helpful tools to make your website even awesomer. We’ll throw in a personal piece or two, because we’re all extraordinarily interesting and charming and vain and you need us in your life more than you realize.

We hope reading this blog brings you even some of the joy that we had writing it, even if that joy was from heroic caffeine highs. And we also hope you learn something, too, I guess, because knowledge is power, or whatever.


Sam Arachtingi, Customer Solutions Manager at RG4Web, a Twin Cities based web service provider specializing in designing and optimizing websites, social media presences, and digital marketing campaigns for small and midsized businesses. He is a budding numismatologist with a particular interest in the early mints of the troisieme republique, and has an ancestry report that suggests he’s related to SpiderMan.

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