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Tim Wiech, Senior Salesforce Developer
13 March 2018
Things don’t always work perfectly straight out of the box. Like a new baseball glove or the soles of those new shoes, some things take some time to break in. It’s only after you’ve made those things your own that you start to see their value.
Software (especially customizable software like Salesforce) is no different. Sure, it might be functional when you first purchase Salesfoce. But to get that CRM to really run, to get the apps you need working intuitively, to get that software fully, seamlessly integrated into your marketing and sales process, you need to work with it a bit.
Salesforce, when set up properly, can tie your whole business model together.

We started RG4CRM because growing businesses are often unsure or unable to “work with” their CRM. We’ve seen countless businesses limp along with inferior CRM software, and we’ve witnessed too many companies pay for Salesforce software, only to get discouraged by its backend requirements. Worse, for many of these growing companies, the options seem limited – Either hire an internal administrator, or sign-on with an overpriced consultancy.

To get that CRM to really run, […] you need to work with it a bit.

RG4CRM offers a third way – Comprehensive consulting and systems integration from a certified Salesforce partner. Analytics support, data cleansing, software and security updates, system integration —whatever your business needs — all offered at honest, monthly rates. We save the time and trouble of hiring or training a backend admin, and the headache of dealing with larger, costly services.

We know a lot about growing businesses, not only because we’ve helped many of them around the Twin Cities (and beyond!), but also because we’re part of one. By working with our parent company, RG4 Solutions, we have an invaluable insight into what small businesses need. Our relationship with the RG4 community affords us a deep understanding of the marketing and sales process, and how a finely-tuned CRM can bind a company together.


Please visit our profile on the AppExchange. If you need more information, we’re always happy to talk.

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