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How (and why) your business should outsource locally for inside sales.

Outsourcing locally is an emerging trend in the business world. The ability of an organization to supply local talent to growing or established businesses for functions ranging from I.T. to H.R. to sales is what will set them apart from their competition.

In doing this, businesses save time and money but retain access to “top-tier talent,” as Entrepreneur refers to these experienced teams. Additionally, businesses see fewer operational inefficiencies, have more time savings, and gain an infrastructure that they can scale into their organization. It’s also an increasingly popular option due to its flexible nature; start-ups or businesses undergoing rapid change can efficiently ramp up or ramp down sales efforts without hiring or layoffs.

Growing this function can provide huge opportunities to companies of all sizes, but for it to work for your company, it’s important to understand the pros and cons. When you’re ready to leverage this strategy, follow our checklist to prep for the transition.

4 Steps to Outsourcing Sales

Preparing to move to a locally-outsourcing strategy takes a little preparation to ensure a seamless transition.  While businesses are gaining access to experienced teams, it’s still necessary to make sure that the aims and objectives of the business are closely aligned with the outsourced team.


Document Process

Map the sales-to-buying process and document it, using it to set expectations and goals. Documentation and standardization are key to ensuring consistency and quality assurance as you begin to implement an outsourced sales strategy.


Standardize Activities

Determine what can be standardized, and what should stay in-house. For example, activities like lead generation, SEO, SEM, and event management can probably be standardized and outsourced. But more essential parts of the sales process, and those things that are embedded in your organization’s DNA? Keep those close.


Design Malleable Training

Create a plan for training that can be calibrated as time passes. A good sales process should be iterative with enhancements tuned to the market as it fluctuates.


Measure Success

Determine which metrics should be indicators of success (and otherwise), and start working through methods to gather the supporting data. This includes taking stock of your technology needs and expectations.


Download our free infographic, and get a closer look at what makes our business procces more successful than others.

Ready to Start?

Outsourcing inside sales could be the game-changer your company needs not only for sales results, but for your bottom line. Techtonic Sales offers business process outsourcing with a simple goal: helping you acquire more customers to grow revenue for your business.

Learn more for Techtonic Sales!

If you’re interested in reading some case-studies, or if you’d like more information about how business process outsourcing can help streamline and strengthen your company, feel free to contact us 612-455-7124 or email info@techtonicsales.com, and we’ll get you the information you need.

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